Superfast Concrete Stick

£10.08 inc. Vat


Superfast Concrete Stick is an epoxy putty which offers a fast and permanent repair to concrete and masonry.


It is effective on patch floors, curbs, steps, repair tiles, statues, headstones, cracks, anchor bolts, nails and railings and it can be used to rebuild concrete ornaments and in garden and outdoor repairs.


Once cured, Superfast Concrete can be tapped, drilled, sawed, filed or painted and will have an appearance and texture similar to concrete. It also bonds to metals, woods, glass and many plastics.


Superfast Concrete Epoxy Putty Details

Superfast Concrete Stick is suitable for interior or exterior use. It is resistant to water, chemicals, and temperature extremes.


It is easy to use – simply tear off the required amount of expoxy putty from the stick, knead it by hand and apply to the damaged area. The Epoxy Putty has a work life of approximately 4 minutes. Within 5-10 minutes it will harden and form a cohesive bond. After 1 hour, the system can be put back into service.


The epoxy putty contains no solvents or VOC’s, is non-flammable and releases no noxious fumes. It won’t shrink or pull away and the unused portion stays fresh for future use when saved in its original package.


For garden and exterior repairs involving wood, then please see the Superfast Wood Stick.



  • Repairs chipped concrete floors, curbing and steps
  • Rebuilds decorative concrete trim mouldings
  • Repair statues, birdbaths and concrete ornaments
  • Ideal for anchoring fasteners into concrete
  • Can be used to seal tie-rod holes
  • Repairs concrete roofing tiles



  • Easy to apply and fast-working
  • Bonds to a variety of exterior surfaces
  • Resin and hardener pre-measured



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