General Data Protection Regulation.


The Right to be Forgotten.

As of 23rd of May 2018, companies are required to freely provide its customers the ‘Right to be Forgotten’.  To be forgotten we need to have stored data about your already.


This is most likely from an account or order you have placed with us in the past. We would like to request you keep this information as up to date as possible by login into your account and amending any incorrect data.


We only keep your data online to keep you updated about the progress of you order and to make future purchasing easier for the customer.


If you would still like to be forgotten please contact us.


Thank you.

Access the data we hold on you

To have your current data emailed to you, we must first have data stored already.


We will only send the data stored to the email that is registered to the account.


If you cannot remember your email address, please contact us on 01444 831459 to pass the security questions to access your data.

Please note we keep no sensitive data related to our customers.


If you would like to request your data be send to you, please fill in the form below and it will be send within 72 hours.


Thank you.