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Waste Water Treatment Works, Sussex, UK

A catastrophe was averted when a live pipe was cut during site improvements During major infrastructure improvements at a waste water treatment site, the contractor made a large cut through a 450mm pipe, believing it to be decommissioned and due for removal.  In actual fact, the pipe was linked to all of the waste treatment ponds and there was no way to isolate the flow. The large cuts in the pipe meant that a large amount of waste water was escaping and this potentially embarrassing live leak had to be repaired as soon as possible. Sylmasta delivered Wrap & Seal Pipe Burst Tape and SylWrap composite wraps to the site within an hour of receiving the call.  The flow was stopped using Wrap & Seal tape and then overwrapped with SylWrap to make the repair permanent.  The repair was completed in 30 minutes with a product cost of less than £300, including spares saved for future emergencies. Had Sylmasta pipe repair products been unavailable, this could have turned into a major problem for the contractor and site owner, with repairs and clean up running into many thousands of pounds. The project manager was extremely happy and emailed us to say: "Hi thank you so much. It has worked a treat!"

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