Sylmasta Liquid Rubber Rapid 5 Minute

Code: SYL-1475


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Liquid Rubber SF is a fast-setting, hard polyurethane rubber with a smooth, glass-like finish.

It is suitable for creating replacement components, such as rubber shaft couplings, as well as being suitable for use as a high performance, non-corrosive electrical encapsulant.

Thanks to its unique formulation, Liquid Rubber SF has none of the problems usually associated with filled PU systems, such as sedimentation and moisture sensitivity, and has excellent adhesion properties and flame retardancy.

NEW! Now in an easy-to-mix 1:1 ratio.


  • Black Polyurethane Casting & Potting
  • Sets to Hard Rubber
  • Room Temperature Cured
  • Two Part 100A:100B
  • Pot life 5 Minutes (200g mixed)
  • Initial Cure 3 Minutes (200g mixed)
  • Full Cure 2 Hours (200g mixed)

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Weight 1.2 kg

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