Sylmasta A+B Original Modelling Epoxy Putty

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The Original White Modelling Putty “Sets Harder Than Any Other Putty”.
Sylmasta A+B is a versatile modelling putty used by restorers and model makers world-wide for many years.  Sylmasta A+B has a high strength bond to most surfaces such as ceramics, wood, stone, most plastics, glass and metals.


Once fully set it will be extremely hard, making Sylmasta A+B ideal for restoration, as it has the same “cold, hard” feel as ceramic.  For modelling, the tough hard surface will keep fine details like facial feature and it will also withstand vulcanising better than most other modelling putties.


Once mixed A+B is workable for up to 2 hours, with full cure in 24 hours. Cure time can be accelerated through the use of heat.


Sylmasta A+B has a very fine texture, that makes it easy to model and shape, and it will not crumble. It can also be smoothed with a little water. If thinned with a small amount of acetone, it will penetrate the finest of cracks.


The extra fine texture will also ensure that, whilst smoothing, small pieces will not come out of the putty surface and leave small pin holes. A+B is ideal for fine delicate work yet it can be used on the largest
of models or repairs.


This versatile putty is widely used by Modellers, China Restorers,
Doll repairers, Jewellery Designers, Pattern Makers and many
industrial users.

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