Superfast Wet (Aqua) Stick

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Equivalent to Magic Bond Superfast Aqua-Stick moulds like clay and can be used to repair fittings, pipes, electrical connections, leaking gaskets, water tanks, fish boxes, tubs, battery cases, sinks, spas, hot tubs, tanks, pools; to form custom gaskets, etc. It can also be used to patch scratches, cuts and holes in fibreglass, metal, and wooden boat decks and hulls. Each handy stick contains pre-measured portions of activator and base throughout – no measuring or mixing tools are necessary. As the epoxy is mixed, the two contrasting colours blend into one colour to indicate complete mixing. Superfast Aqua-Stick contains a fading green dye and becomes white after mixing. The consistency eliminates drips and runs, facilitates adhesion to the substrate, and allows the material to be shaped and formed as needed before curing begins. Once cured, Superfast Aqua-Stick can be drilled, sawed, carved, sanded or painted. Suitable for interior or exterior use, it is resistant to water, chemicals, and temperature extremes. Superfast Aqua- Stick contains no solvents or VOC’s. It’s non-flammable and releases no noxious fumes. It won’t shrink or pull away. The unused portion stays fresh for future use when saved in its original package. Superfast Aqua-Stick has a work life of approximately 15 minutes. Within 20-30 minutes it will harden and form a cohesive bond. After 1 hour, the system can be put back into service. TECHNICAL DATA • Repairs to damp wet areas and underwater applications • Rebuild holes in fibreglass, metal and wooden boat decks and hulls • Repair leaking gaskets, water tanks, spas, hot tubs, pools, etc. • Cures to fibreglass white colour. Working life: 15 minutes Initial cure: 20-30 minutes Full cure: 60 minutes Dimensions: 175mm x 22mm (diameter)

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