Superfast BW Epoxy Putty Tape 75cm

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Tear – Knead – Apply

Sylmasta Epoxy Tape is a fast, effective adhesive filler which comes in a handy dispenser for your toolbox and will bond to most metals, wood, ceramics, fibreglass, some hard plastics, plaster, masonry and concrete.


  • Emergency repairs in all areas
  • Fill rough-weld seams before painting
  • Form drilling jigs for odd-shaped work pieces
  • Repair door mouldings and outside railings
  • Form insulated handles for tools
  • Plug holes and seams in ductwork and aluminium


  • Simply tear off desired quantity and mix
  • Fast-setting – Sets hard in 10 minutes
  • Comes in easy-to-use dispenser

Working Time: 3-5 Minutes

Functional Cure: 1 Hour

Full Cure: 24 Hours