Spray Booth A300S-D, (Ducted / Extraction)

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These units exhaust air via flexi-duct externally to atmosphere.


These units are designed for immediate operator protection whereby large particulates (> 5 microns) are filtered and fine particulates (< 5 microns) together with gases, vapours and fumes within the spray/fume shield are exhausted to atmosphere via the flexi-duct.
Art & Graphics applications: Reclining position: – For aerosol spray and airbrush use.
E.g. for applying aerosol adhesives, lacquers, fixatives, airbrush sprays etc, to artwork placed directly onto the particulate filter face.
The unit will accommodate artwork up to A3 size.
Hobbies, Modelling & Craft Applications: Upright position: – For applying aerosol and airbrush sprays to 3D items (models etc) and artwork.
Solder fumes, vapours and fine dusts and powders from other sources can also be extracted.
MODEL DIMENSIONS H x W x D AIR VELOCITY AT HOOD FACE A300S-D 390 x 565 x 430 mm 0.55 m/sec 49ft/min


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