Round Rod

Code: SYL-1535


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Circular section styrene profiles up to 1m long Stryrene profiles are very strong with a high elastic limit.
They are resistant against water, oil, fuel, and UV rays (no fading of colour from the sunlight) and are anti-static.
Styrene profiles will not crack or splinter when cutting.
If painting, it is advised that you use enamel paints.
You can glue all these profiles and sheets using an adhesive such as solvent cement, superglue or epoxy.

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33cm x A=0.5mm, 33cm x A=0.75mm, 33cm x A=1.0mm, 100cm x A=1.0mm, 33cm x A=1.25mm, 33cm x A=1.5mm, 100cm x A=1.5mm, 33cm x A=2.0mm, 100cm x A=2.0mm, 33cm x A=2.5mm, 100cm x A=2.5mm, 33cm x A=3.0mm, 100cm x A=3.0mm, 33cm x A=3.5mm, 100cm x A=3.5mm, 33cm x A=4.0mm, 100cm x A=4.0mm, 33cm x A=4.5mm, 100 x A=4.5mm, 100cm x A=5.0mm, 100cm x A=6.0mm

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