Pack & Seal Electrical Sealant Putty

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Pack & Seal Electrical Sealant Putty is a non-setting sealant putty for packing out electrical and cable boxes to prevent the ingress of moisture, sealing around cable runs, blocking holes and making gaskets for extremely uneven faces.


It can also seal cable holes through walls, metal and most substrates. Because Pack & Seal does not set, it can be easily be removed when repairs need to be carried out to the electrical application on which it has been used.


Pack & Seal Electrical Sealant Putty Details

Pack & Seal Electrical Sealant Putty comes in two versions. There is a red fire retardant version and a clear version. Pack & Seal Red has been designed so that its use is easily visible while Pack & Seal Clear has been manufactured to be so transparent that it is possible to read PCB labels through it.


Pack & Seal can be used in conjunction with Wrap & Seal Electrical Tape to seal junction boxes against moisture. First fill the cavity with Pack & Seal before wrapping with the electrical tape.


Pack & Seal also seals around all types of pipework and is used for gasketing between uneven surfaces. When stored in unopened in a cool, dry location and out of direct sunlight, it has a minimum shelf life of 12 months.



  • Packing out junction boxes against moisture & dust
  • Forming removable cable glands
  • Forming removal seal around cable and pipe runs
  • Filling holes against water ingress
  • Making gaskets on uneven surfaces



  • Sealant putty allows for verstatile repairs
  • Non-setting so can be removed when repairs are required
  • Pack & Seal Clear is transparent to allow for PCB labels to be read through it



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