Sylmasta MX Metal Maintenance Grade Cushioned Micro Abrasives



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MX Metal Maintenance Abrasive – for metal and hard wood finishing

The MX Metal Maintenance grades of Sylmasta Micro Abrasives are for surface finishing metals and hard woods.  They use larger micro abrasive particles with a stiffer adhesive backing than with the regular Sylmasta Cushioned Abrasive sheets to give a brilliant gloss finish on metals and they can be used wet or dry.

Because the grit is larger than regular grades, the cut is more aggressive, allowing more materials to be removed but retaining the even, smooth cut due to the cushioned backing.

After using an MX Metal Maintenance grade, finish off with regular Sylmasta Micro Abrasive grades for a high gloss finish.

Size: 50ft (15m) roll


Meets Nato Stock Numbers (NSN):

NSN 5350-01-343-9840  SYL-80MX-50ft-ROLL
NSN 5350-01-337-2469  SYL-100MX-50ft-ROLL
NSN 5350-01-337-2470  SYL-120MX-50ft-ROLL
NSN 5350-01-337-2471  SYL-150MX-50ft-ROLL
NSN 5350-01-337-2472  SYL-180MX-50ft-ROLL
NSN 5350-01-337-2473  SYL-240MX-50ft-ROLL
NSN 5350-01-337-2465  SYL-320MX-50ft-ROLL
NSN 5350-01-337-9758  SYL-360MX-50ft-ROLL
NSN 5350-01-337-2466  SYL-400MX-50ft-ROLL
NSN 5350-01-337-2467  SYL-600MX-50ft-ROLL
NSN 5350-01-337-2468  SYL-800MX-50ft-ROLL
NSN 5350-01-337-2464  SYL-1200MX-50ft-ROLL


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Weight 0.35 kg

MX80, MX100, MX120, MX150, MX180, MX240, MX320, MX360, MX400, MX600, MX800, MX1200

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