Micro Abrasive Liquid 05

Code: SYL-1522

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Micro Abrasive Liquid 05 is a stronger formulation than the standard 1 micron Micro Abrasive Liquid 01.


Formulated to remove a scratches up to 9 microns and should be followed by using Micro Abrasive Liquid 01 for a perfect, clear finish. Micro Abrasive Liquid 05 is water-based with no aggressive solvents unlike most other cleaners and polishes which contain products which can damage surfaces over time.


Micro Abrasive Liquid 05 is safe for use on both bare or coated acrylic and polycarbonate aircraft canopies.  It removes fine scratches up to 9 micron in depth or it can remove the scratch pattern left by 3600 Micromesh Abrasive finishing cloths.


Micro Abrasive Liquid 05 also removes yellowing and milkiness from vinyl surfaces and can improve the appearance of the transparencies when used regularly.  It can be applied by hand or with a rotary buffer polishing pad.


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