Magic Patch UV

Code: UVP/150x75

£7.44 inc. Vat

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Light-curing adhesive patch for repairing holes in most surfaces, with an instant bond. Cures in daylight or with any UV lamp.

Magic Patch UV is a light-curing, fibreglass-reinforces repair mat. it is soft and malleable and can be easily cut to the required size and shape, to repair items such as plastic or metal gutters, GRP boats, or to reinforce adhesive butt joints.

Once applied it cures in either natural daylight or under a UV lamp to produce a tough, strong and weather-proof patch. The patch is supplied between two release films and comes packed into a sealed foil pouch.



  • Repair holes in roofing or gutters
  • Patch pipework
  • Patch car exhausts
  • Patch holes in chutes, hoppers, trays etc.


  • Easy to apply
  • Weather-resistant
  • Fire retardant


Cures in daylight




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