Control 120 Minute Epoxy

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Sylmasta Control is a high strength epoxy adhesive with a long working time and with excellent adhesion to metal, ceramic tiles, brick, concrete, wood and most hard plastics.

It is transparent when applied as a film and the long Working Time allows large quantities to be mixed at once, allowing for a longer working time to complete an assembly.

After mixing, Control begins to set in 1 to 2 hours at 20°C. It has a light duty handling time of 4 hours, functional strength in 10 hours and Full Cure is achieved within 48 hours.



  • Bonding of metal, ceramic, wood and most hard plastics
  • Manufacturing assemblies
  • Maintenance and repairs


  • 25ml syringe
  • 50ml cartridge (requires applicator gun)

Slow Setting


Clear Bond


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25ml, 50ml

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