AllWeld 531 – 18 Minute Plastic Bond

£14.36 inc. Vat


Structural gel with high strength and stiffness for ‘hard to bond’ engineered plastics, such as nylon based alloys, epoxy composites, modified polyesters, many plastics and other different materials.


  • High strength bonds to load bearing metals, plastic, wood, etc..
  • Glueing hard-to-bond plastics
  • Bonding metal fasteners to moulded composite parts
  • Bonding large diameter 2 part GRP mouldings
  • Bonding automotive carbon fibre body panels
  • Bonding GRP in the marine industry
  • Bonding dissimilar metals for trailer fabrication
  • Bonding aluminium


  • Handling strength in 30 minutes
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Minimal surface preparation
  • Can fill gaps up to 4mm
  • Can be applied vertically

Slower Cure Speed

Fill Gaps up to 4mm

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