AllWeld 520 – Clear Plastic Adhesive

£15.76 inc. Vat


Clear Acrylic & Plastic Bonding Adhesive with advanced toughened formulation

Sylmasta AllWeld 520 is a two-part, high strength, completely clear structural adhesive for bonding plastics and composites. AllWeld 520 uses the latest in toughened methacrylate technology to produce an adhesive with high shock resistance and high tensile strength, and with excellent UV and chemical resistance. It is supplied in a 50ml cartridge with mixer nozzle for ease of application.


AllWeld 520 produces a high strength, load-bearing bond to acrylic, polycarbonate, engineered plastics, exotic metals and other difficult substrates. It produces tough, adhesive bonds with little or no surface preparation or priming and cures rapidly at room temperature to provide exceptional shear and peel strengths and excellent environmental resistance.



  • High strength bonds to load bearing metals, plastic, wood, composites etc.
  • Bonding
    acrylic and Perspex in the manufacture of point-of-sale displays
  • Assembling acrylic fabrications with invisible bond-lines
  • Bonding polycarbonate shapes for sign-making.


  • Handling strength in 10 minutes
  • Stronger-than-substrate adhesion to acrylic and polycarbonate
  • High adhesive and impact strength
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Minimal surface preparation
  • Weather and moisture resistant


  • Put cartridge into Applicator gun
  • Remove cap and attach mixer nozzle
  • Dispense a small amount of adhesive first to ensure full mix
  • Apply adhesive to one surface and assemble components
  • Wipe off excess adhesive before it sets
  • Ensure AllWeld has achieved handling strength before unclamping
  • Any adhesive outside the bond can be polished with a suitable cloth, once set.

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