A200H-D A2 hood mounted extraction cabinet

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The BenchVent A200H-D, an A2 hood mounted extraction cabinet.
Designed to capture, filter and expel within art, graphics and design technology areas making it suitable for classrooms, home crafters or commercial environments.
What’s included in the A200H-D? – Filter unit with fan(s) – Hood Enclosure – 1 x Particulate filter – Power Lead – Data/Warranty Booklet Who can use this A2 Benchtop Extraction Cabinet? Air Extraction Hood and Spray Booth which captures, filters and expels for a cleaner, healthier working environment within art, graphics, design technology areas, crafts and modelling and more.
Applications include filtration of: Aerosol adhesives (glue booth for Spray Mount), aerosol lacquers and fixatives and airbrush sprays applied to artwork up to A1 size.
A2 or A1 drawing boards can be placed into the hoods at an angle for efficient overspray capture.
The workstation hood also accommodates prototypes, models, ceramic parts, PCB’s etc, placed onto the hood base to be sprayed, soldered, cleaned, glued, moulded or sanded etc.
These cabinets are designed for workshop/ studio / classroom cleanliness and for immediate operator protection whereby ‘large’ particulates (> 5 microns) are filtered out and ‘fine’ particulates ( Key Features – 355m³/hr air volume suitable for a wide range of extraction applications – Built with a centrifugal blower via a three stage graduated fibre particulate filter complete with a high particle holding capacity, ensuring long filter life – Carry handle to aid with portability Why choose this A2 Hood Mounted Portable Fume Extraction Cabinet? All BenchVent filtration and extraction systems carry a lifetime guarantee, are quiet in operation and can be assembled in seconds.
Place onto a desk, bench or trolley and then simply plug in and switch on.
For artwork applications, standard A2 drawing boards can be placed within the hood enclosure.
The boards fit at an angle for efficient overspray capture.
3D items, models, printed circuit boards etc.
may be placed onto the hood base for spraying, cleaning, sanding, gluing etc.
The Flexi-duct can be fixed to a standard domestic vent or simply placed through a partially open window to facilitate portability or convenience.
How does the filter system work? The particulate (intake) filter is a three stage graduated fibre filter with a high ‘dust’ holding capacity for long life.
Filtration to approx.
5 micron particles.
NB: Spray particulate sizes vary from 10 to 20 microns.
The dual process of filtration and then extraction to atmosphere via flexi-duct, vastly reduces and/or eliminates operator exposures to potentially hazardous substances.
Demonstrating adequate control of the risks to the health of employees students and the general public, from dusts, powders, mists, fumes and vapours is the fundemental requirement of the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (CoSHH).

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