Leak Sealants

Sylmasta Leak Sealants seal holes and cracks on leaking pipes, forming the first stage of the four-step Sylmasta Pipe Repair System process.

For live leak repairs where water pressure cannot be turned off, use Wrap & Seal Pipe Burst Tape. Wrap & Seal is made from self-fusing silicone and stretches by three times its length.

When wrapped around a pipe, it will fuse to form a solid rubber band over the leak area, providing a repair that is temperature resistant up to 200°C and WRAS approved for use on pipes carrying drinking water.

When pressure can be turned off, use an epoxy putty. Sylmasta formulate several putties which can be used as pipe sealants. Superfast Copper is used for domestic and smaller pipework, Superfast Steel for industrial pipework. Superfast Titanium offers extreme temperature resistance up to 280°C.

All Superfast putties offer a fast working time and come in an easy-to-use stick format; just cut off the amount of putty required, knead by hand and apply to the pipe.

Sylmasta AB is a two-part epoxy with a longer work time of up to two hours for larger, more complex tasks including underwater repairs. It has high chemical resistance.

AB Rapid is a faster working version of AB which has good chemical resistance and a cure time similar to Superfast Epoxy Putty. It offers the speed of Superfast Epoxy with the quantity of AB, enabling rapid repairs  to bigger cracks where large amounts of putty are required.

Once you have selected your primary sealant, you move onto stage two of the Sylmasta Pipe Repair System – Damage Repair.

Leak Sealant Products

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Showing all 7 results