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Flour Mixer

Saving: $6000 and weeks of lost production Location: Commercial Bakery, Puerto Rico Application: Corroded blades on two food mixers There was heavy corrosion to the mixing blades of two mixers used for mixing flour and other ingredient to make turnovers and other products. This meant that production had to be halted until the problem was solved. The blades of both mixers were heavily corroded and needed replacing. However, new blades cost over $3000 per mixer and were not even available from stock - this meant a long wait for new blades to be fabricated, which was bad news for the bakery as they needed these mixers to fulfil orders. The bakery urgently needed to look for a better solution to replacing the blades and chose Sylmasta Ceramic Brushable Green as the best solution to refurbish the blades. The mixer blades ended up looking like new at a fraction of the cost of replacement and the bakery was able to return to mixer to use almost immediately. As Ceramic Brushable is extremely abrasion resistant it will be a long time before the blades need servicing again.

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