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Ball Mill Repair, Puerto Rico

Millions of dollars were saved using Sylmasta Ceramic Supergrade Ball Mills are used for the particle size reduction of a wide variety of materials and are often used in high volume applications to produce powders etc. In the case of the ball mill featured here, when the balls / beads were replaced a part was forced and broken. It was not until a couple of days later that the user noticed that the water which runs between the liner and the outer wall was leaking inside the tank. The part cost was $200,000, with a 3 week delivery time from Germany.  Also, a specialist was required to travel over to install the replacement part. Daily production was worth $4,000,000, so obviously a quick repair was needed.  The part was repaired using Sylmasta Ceramic Supergrade epoxy repair paste.  The repair was made on a Sunday and the next day the customer was using the ball mill at full capacity, saving millions in lost production. Pictures: 1. Crack 2. Prepared surface 3. Ceramic Supergrade applied 4. Ring replaced 5. Matched surface

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