Sylmasta Pipe Repair Case Studies

Welcome to our Sylmasta Pipe Repair Case Studies section. Here are some of the solutions that our pipe repair and other maintenance products have provided for different problems worldwide.

Case Study: CHP System Repair, United Kingdom
A CHP system at an automotive safety supplier in the United Kingdom developed a leak which required a high-temperature and versatile repair
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A contaminated water pipe repair carried out in a Power Plant in Puerto Rico using Sylmasta products
Case Study: Power Plant, Puerto Rico
The repair of a contaminated water pipe in Puerto Rico ensured that a Power Plant was working at full capacity when Hurricane Maria hit the island
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Case Study: Leaking Water Main, UK
After 15 long years, a solution was finally found to carry out a difficult repair to a leaking underground water main in the United Kingdom
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A dream house in Essex at which Sylmasta Liquid Rubber helped to fix a roof terrace leak
Case Study: Residential Property, UK
Some creative thinking at a dream home in Essex helped to eliminate damaging drips onto a balcony below in this unique roof terrace repair
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A pipe at a waste water treatment works repaired using the equipment in a SylWrap Pipe Repair Contractor Kit
Case Study: Waste Water Treatment Works, UK
Catastrophe was averted at a Waste Water Treatment Works thanks to a live leak pipe repair being carried out after a contaminated water pipe was cut through
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A repair carried out to machinery in a Ball Mill which helped to save a company around $60 million
Case Study: Ball Mill Repair, Puerto Rico
The downtime on a damaged machine at a Ball Mill in Puerto Rico looked like it would cost a company approaching $60m until Sylmasta provided a repair
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Perforated Pipe, Quarry Wash Plant
Share this postThe pictures show a large plastic pipe, which is part of a wash plant carrying water at an aggregates quarry. The pipe had suffered a puncture but was quickly repaired on site using Superfast Copper epoxy putty and
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Drilled Water Pipe, UK
Share this postThis underground heating pipe was drilled through by contractors and repaired using SylWrap Under Pressure Kit Contractors accidentally drilled through this buried cold water return pipe when they used a hole saw to cut through what they believed
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Anti-Slip on Helicopter Skids
Share this postEvery helicopter used by the Puerto Rican Power Authority has Liquid Metal with Anti-Slip on the skids. As some jobs are performed standing on a helicopter’s legs, something safer than anti-skid tape was necessary as tapes can lose
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Flour Mixer
Share this postSaving: $6000 and weeks of lost production Location: Commercial Bakery, Puerto Rico Application: Corroded blades on two food mixers There was heavy corrosion to the mixing blades of two mixers used for mixing flour and other ingredient to
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Sea Water Supply Line Nozzle, Middle East
Share this postLive leak was stopped with the help of Sylmasta Epoxy Putty and SylWrap The 2″ nozzle on this GRP main cooling supply line had snapped off from the flange and was discharging sea water 5m vertically at a
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