Case Studies

Sylmasta Pipe Repair Case Studies

Welcome to our Sylmasta Pipe Repair Case Studies section. Here are some of the solutions that our pipe repair and other maintenance products have provided for different problems worldwide.

Pipe repair carried out to a wastewater pipe made of cast iron in a central London hotel
A cracked cast iron wastewater pipe in a London hotel required a quick repair to prevent one of the most prestigious rooms having to be closed to the public
Repair of a plastic PVC pipe which formed part of a swimming pool filtration system in a leisure centre
Live leak repair carried out to an inaccessible PVC plastic pipe which formed part of a swimming pool filtration system, negating the need for the disassembly of half the system
The repair of a leaking pipe in a sprinkler system at a British furniture company's workshop carried out using a SylWrap Standard Pipe Repair Kit
A furniture company repaired a pinhole leak on a steel pipe in their factory's sprinkler system after being initially informed that the only solution was a complete replacement
Repair of a leaking hot water pipe on a farm carried out using a SylWrap Universal Pipe Repair Kit
After contractors accidentally cut into an underground heating pipe with insulation lagging during construction work on a farm, a live leak repair kept the hot water on
Metal blades in a bakery flour mixer were suffering from corrosion until Sylmasta Ceramic Brushable Green provided a repair
Sylmasta save a bakery in Puerto Rico a load of dough by providing a cost effective and quick repair to heavily corroded blades in a flour mixer which would otherwise have needed replacing
A CHP System Repair carried out on a leaking pipe in a pant at an automotive safety supplier in the United Kingdom
A live leak repair to a high temperature elbow in a CHP Plant ensured an automotive safety supplier factory did not undergo a disruptive shutdown of power for a replacement
A contaminated water pipe repair carried out in a Power Plant in Puerto Rico using Sylmasta products
The repair of a contaminated water pipe in a Puerto Rican Power Station helped keep the plant working at full capacity when Hurricane Maria hit the island
A live repair carried out on a water main which had been leaking for the previous 15 years
A burst underground steel water main in the UK which had been leaking for 15 years after being written off as unrepairable is finally sealed in a live leak repair
Liquid Rubber used as an expansion joint filler to fill 25mm gaps between glass panels on a roof terrace at a residential property in Essex
Some creative thinking leads to Sylmasta Liquid Rubber being used as a flexible expansion joint filler to eliminate problematic drips from a balcony at a residential property in the UK
A contaminated water pipe at a wastewater treatment works in the United Kingdom is repaired after being accidentally breached during construction work
Catastrophe was averted at a Wastewater Treatment Works in the UK thanks to a live leak repair carried out after a contaminated water pipe was mistakenly cut through
A repair carried out to machinery in a Ball Mill which helped to save a company around $60 million
The downtime on a damaged machine at a Ball Mill in Puerto Rico looked like it would cost a company approaching $60 million until Sylmasta provided a repair