• A SylWrap Pipe Repair Kit from Sylmasta can fix a leaking pipe inside of 30 minutes without the need for any formal training
  • The Sylmasta Pipe Repair roadshow is showing businesses across the United Kingdom how they can benefit from SylWrap pipe repair technology
  • SylWrap CR Corrosion Protection Wrap protects pipes, metalwork and other structures from corrosion

Sylmasta Pipe Repair, Maintenance and Manufacturing Products

A SylWrap Pipe Repair Bandage being used as part of a live leak pipe repair

Pipe Repair & Protection

Sylmasta Pipe Repair products are used to permanently fix leaking pipes and for maintenance, protection and strengthening.

Sylmasta epoxy repair compounds are used in a range of maintenance tasks including pipe repair, corrosion protection and strengthening and protecting metalwork

Epoxy Putties & Coatings

Epoxy putties, pastes and coatings used for high-strength bonding and repairs to metals, ceramics, plastics, wood and other materials.

Sylmasta casting and moulding products are used to create high-quality resin casts of machine parts

Casting & Mould Making

Silicone moulding rubbers and polyurethane casting resins for creating high-quality casts of machine parts and copying masters.

Rubber elastomer compounds are used for sealing and encapsulation and the repair of rubber

Rubber Elastomer Compounds

Liquid polyurethane rubber for sealing and encapsulation, coating and protection and rubber conveyor belt repair.

Adhesives and sealants are used for bonding all kinds of materials to each other

Adhesives & Sealants

Adhesives and sealants including epoxies, cyanoacrylate superglues and AllWeld methacrylates for plastic and composites.

Electrical sealants are used to pack out cable boxes, as safety devices and for protection against water and dust

Electrical Sealants

Insulation tapes and sealants for electrical safety and protection against water and dust.

Resins can be used for the repair and maintenance of roofs, floors and concrete

Roof, Floor & Concrete Repair

Resin solutions for carrying out maintenance, repairs and safety upgrades to roofs, floors and concrete.

Lubricants have a wide range of uses in industry, food production, mining and general maintenance


Sylmasta have wide a variety of lubricants for use in industry, food production, mining and general maintenance.

Cleaning, preparation and PPE is important for keeping users safe when using resins and other chemical products for pipe repair applications

Cleaning, Preparation & PPE

Cleaning, preparation and protection products including hand sanitisers and nitrile gloves which keep users safe.

Restoration & Modelling

Modelling putties including Green Stuff, Magic Sculp and Geomfix; Coldglaze, Chinaglaze, Hxtal and other restoration products.

About Sylmasta

Sylmasta manufacture repair and maintenance products at their site in the UK, including a world-leading composite pipe repair production facility.

The Sylmasta range covers SylWrap pipe repair and protection, epoxy repair compounds, adhesives and other products used in maintenance, repair and manufacturing.

Sylmasta products are designed for industry, as well as being suitable for domestic repairs. Worldwide shipping and next working day standard delivery is available in the UK on all orders placed before 2pm Monday-Friday.

Sylmasta work with

Sylmasta supply pipe repair and maintenance solutions for infrastructure operators, utility suppliers, multinational corporations and government departments as well as small businesses and individuals.

If you work in an industry in which pipe repair and other maintenance tasks are regularly carried out, then please contact Sylmasta to discuss how you may benefit from a business account.

Accreditations & Standards

Most SylWrap Pipe Repair products from Sylmasta are WRAS approved, meaning that they can be used safely with drinking water.

Repairs made using SylWrap comply with Regulation 31 of the Water Supply Regulations and meet the standard of ASME PCC-2-2015 for the Repair of Pressure Equipment and Piping.

Sylmasta Food Safe Lubricants have NSF certification for use in food production environments.

Sylmasta is an ISO 9001 accredited company.

Among their many accreditations, Sylmasta pipe repair products have WRAS approval, meaning that they are safe to use with drinking water

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