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Industry, Maintenance, & Construction
Pipe Repair Products
Epoxy Putties
Epoxy Repair Pastes
Cyanoacrylate Superglues
Epoxy Adhesives
MMA & Toughened Acrylics
Adhesive Sealants
Threadlocking Adhesives
Retaining Adhesives
Pipe Thread Sealing
UHU Industrial Adhesives
Polyurethane Resins
Silicone Moulding Rubber
Glass Bonding
Araldite Epoxy Adhesives
Adhesive Mortars
Cleaning & Protection
Fibre Optic Bonding
Micro-Mesh Abrasives
Syringes, Needles, Containers
Ultimate Mirror
Swann-Morton Cutting Tools
Files & Burrs
Impression Wax

Modelling, Craft & Restoration
Epoxy Putties
Aztec Airbrushes
Casting & Mould-Making
Glazing Materials
Micro-Mesh Abrasives
Swann-Morton Cutting Tools
Modelling Tools
Pewter Sheet
Ultimate Gold & Silver
Ultimate Mirror
Syringes, Needles, Containers
Maimeri Fine Pigments
Acrylic Colours
Cleaning & Protection
Artificial Water
Powders & Fillers
Renaissance Finishing


Threadlocking Adhesives

Industrial Quality
Excellent Value

Range of hard-setting putties for all types of repair.

• Structural Acrylics
• MMA's
• Toughened
• Plastic bonding

• Silicone carbide provides high abrasion resistance.
• Ultra smooth finish reduces abrasion and cavitation.
• High bond strength to substrate.

Micro-Mesh Abrasives
Cushioned abrasives for unbelievable finishes - up to 12000 grit

Artists' Brushes

Brand new range of artists' brushes, including Flats, Spotters, Rounds & Wash Mops

- Aztek Airbrushes-
We sell the full range of airbrushes and accessories for Aztek, including the
A7778 Metal Airbrush

Casting & Mould Making

New to moulding making?
Click here to find out how

Swann Morton Fine

Swann-Morton Ultra Fine Blades at low prices

UHU Adhesives
UHU Plus "300kg" Epoxy
Schnellfest 5 Min Epoxy

Sofortfest 2 Min Epoxy
UHU All Purpose Adhesive
UHU PLAST Poly Cement


Secure Trading

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