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SylWrap Pipe Repair

SylWrap Pipe Repair Kits

SylWrap Pipe Repair Kits

SylWrap repairs leaking pipes and tanks quickly and cost-effectively, minimising shut-down. The resin-impregnated wrap is water activated and hardens in minutes to create a long-lasting composite repair.

Use SylWrap to seal and protect leaking pipes of any material. It is used to repair steam and water pipes, soil pipes, chemical pipelines, downpipes and any other pipeline application.

• Repair leaks
• Strengthen and re-life corroded or damaged pipework
• Protect pipelines from environmental damage

SylWrap has been used in the repair and maintenance of damaged or corroded pipework in desalination plants, sugar processing plants, water pipes, pumping stations and chemical plants around the world.

• Repair pipe leaks in just 20 minutes
• Heat resistant to 250°C (390°F)
• Reinforce corroded pipes
• Seal leaking flanges
• For all pipes materials - plastic, iron, GRP, copper etc...
• Resistant to most chemicals
• Pressure resistant to 30 Bar

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